Sunway eMall

Your favourite mall is now online with Sunway eMall!

We bring Sunway Malls to you! Shop online with brands spanning across all Sunway Malls made available in one platform. Sunway eMall is committed to an easy, fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience with ease of payment and fulfillment, all from the comfort of your home.

To create a one-stop shopping experience, Sunway eMall offers consolidated online shopping across all Sunway Malls in Malaysia with genuine goods from reliable brands in fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, household items, sports equipment, health and wellness, toys and more. With guaranteed product authenticity, shop with a peace of mind!

We are providing Digital Marketing & Social Media Management to Sunway eMall.

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Services Provided

  • Creating the right visuals and caption for the target audience
  • YouTube: Long form educational content, and targeted pre-roll ads
  • TikTok: Short but engaging vertical videos to educate, promote or entertain
  • Xiao Hong Shu (XHS): Customized posts from XHS seeders for brand awareness.
  • Cost-effective performance marketing with extensive ad optimization
  • Reliance on data for creation of data-driven campaigns
  • To reach out to as many potentials
  • To drive traffic to website, create leads
  • To convert leads into sales

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❌ Gaduh sebab orang ketiga ✅ Gaduh sebab tak dapat shopping

♬ original sound - Sunway eMall
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