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Social Media Marketing Malaysia

There is more to successful online marketing than having a great website. Although the “build it and they will come” idea was a great storyline for a movie, it’s been responsible for many tragic and expensive mistakes with business websites.

Done properly, web marketing involves your entire online presence. For example, you might have a blog, Facebook business page, Twitter profile and Google Places listing as well as conducting email marketing campaigns.

We work with you to create a strategy that is appropriate for your business requirements and your budget and integrates with your offline marketing activities.

Social Media Business Package

Custom Facebook Microsite

  • Up to 6 pages

Custom Twitter Page

  • Connected to Facebook Wall

Training Package

  • Make the most of social media

Social media can provide tangible business benefits

  • Enables you to engage in dialogue with customers and potential customers
  • Improved branding for your business
  • Infinite lead generation opportunity
  • Improved customer service and feedback
  • Increase the goodwill of your business
  • Widens the SEO footprint and web presence of your business

Although you may think Social Media is a passing trend, the impact of social networks and the opportunities they provide is significant. In March this year, Facebook received more traffic than Google, and recently became the top source of traffic to major sites such as Yahoo and MSN. Recent research also shows that social media is the top emerging channel for lead generation among technology marketers surveyed in May 2010*.


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