Website maintenance, the effective way

Website maintenance, the effective way

Website maintenance, the effective way

To have a website is just so important these days, if you have a strong web presence, your business will be hugely making profits out it. But merely having a website which is the more or less for so many years, is not going to work in the present world. If you are not providing your readers with an updated, fresh and ever evolving experience, your web site soon be considered as old fashioned, out dated and insecure.

Have you beautified your code, validated your markup, and made your XHTML more semantic? Or ever you have tried to implement SEO practices and removed legacy codes. So, keeping in mind all above issues, below are the extremely useful strategies suggesting how can you maintain your website and keep it updated always.

Keep Content fresh and updated: Website maintenance should include ongoing reviews of static content that may require updates or corrections. The content on blogs or newsletters might get old but may not require any modifications, so the best thing you can do is to post new blogs and publish fresh content. The search engine crawlers always look for fresh and updated content, so by doing the above, you can be easily searched by the crawlers and come in the top search rankings results.

Inspection for broken links: Broken links can irritate your potential customers and your business can be into big trouble. Businesses that once linked to your site, may have closed down, thus causing broken links to appear. So, you have to check for the broken links atleast once in a month, or two months.

Check your Rankings in search results frequently: The number and type of keywords used to search for information on your site can change dramatically. The search engine rankings criteria may undergo modifications from time to time, if you don not adjust your website according to that, your ranking may fall, and hence your sales can be affected to a great extent.

Cross browser compatibility testing: Atleast once in two months, check the web site visibility and compatibility in all the major browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. Browsershots is probably the most popular tool for viewing screenshots of your website in multiple browsers and on multiple platforms.

CSS3 and HTML5 Enhancements: Not all the browsers support CSS3 and HTML5, you should continuously check that what areas require attention, and new techniques can be applied at those to make them work for all the required browsers.

Monitor Website Analytics: Make it a habit to check the analytics of your website regularly. Some key items like the number of visitors, bounce rate, exit rate, etc. can make you updated about the kind of traffic coming to your website.

Look for Incoming links: Search engines use linking to create a web of linked sites. The more sites that link to yours help determine the popularity of your site. More links means the more is the chances that users will reach to your site.

Leaving your site untouched is not going to help, but continuous efforts can help you in achieving great results.

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