Differences between Web Hosting Services

Differences between Web Hosting Services

Differences between Web Hosting Services

Shared Hosting
As you can see in the image, shared hosting is like an apartment building. Your hosting account and files exist on the same server and, because of this, you’re able to save a little money on your rent or hosting bill. However, you do have to share facilities with your neighbors, which can ultimately affect the performance of your website. Just like a neighbor’s party can fill up a parking lot, you might experience lag on your own website if someone else is having a popular day. When you find this solution no longer works for you, it might be time to think about moving.

Virtual Private Server
Next up is VPS, or virtual private server hosting. The infographic compares this to townhome living, in which you own your home and control the facilities, but share the property and your walls with neighbors. There’s more freedom about how you can modify your website, but you’re looking at higher costs when compared to shared hosting. There are fewer residents overall, though, so busy websites affect the performance of your own less severely. It’s easier to deal with the neighbors.

Dedicated Hosting
Finally, comes dedicated server hosting which is like owning your own home. You don’t have to share walls or utilities. However, the cost is the highest of the three options. Additionally, you can hold even the largest parties without worrying about bothering your neighbors because the space, bandwidth and processor of your server are all yours. You have a much greater choice when it comes to modifying your home and property, as long as you stay within the law.
Just like you might move up in the housing world, you may do the same in the world of hosting:

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