Investment Banking and Corporate Web Designs

Investment Banking and Corporate Web Designs

Investment Banking and Corporate Web Designs
Most investment and money management firms cater to upper-middle-class and wealthier clients. They need to convey trustworthiness, stability, and loyalty. After all, clients are often entrusting them with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to manage, so trust is key.
The Credit Suisse website has an open, modern feeling. The inclusion of a person on the home page makes the site feel more personal (and more trustworthy). A traditional color scheme is used (gray, blue, and maroon), which also adds to the feeling of security and strength.

Legg Mason

Legg Mason uses a simple grid-based layout for their home page. They offer plenty of information about who they are and what they do, while also being easy to navigate. Placing a link to their Annual Report prominently on the home page also lends a sense of credibility and fairness to their business.
The Raymond James website is simple, with a strong blue and gray color scheme. Any time images of people (especially customers) are included in a site, it makes a site feel more personal and trustworthy. Featuring the CEO prominently on the home page also makes the company seem more personal.


AllianceBernstein uses a sleeker design, more reminiscent of a blog theme than a lot of the other sites here. The gray and black color scheme is elegant, while the green and aqua accents liven things up a bit.

Piper Jaffray

Piper Jaffray uses a strong header image to pull visitors in. The rest of the home page has a blog-like feel, which makes it seem more modern. It’s also easy to navigate and the search box is prominently displayed.

T.Rowe Price

The use of a strong background image and transparent, colorful boxes makes the T.Rowe Price site seem very current. The site is also user-friendly and information is easy to find.

Social Investment Forum

Using a simple design with a muted color scheme works well to make a site appear honest and straight-forward. Emphasis is placed on the information provided, not the design itself, which works well for a site like this one.

Edward Jones

Edward Jones takes a much more modern approach to their website, with a bright yellow and gray color scheme. By prominently including things like their J.D. Power and Associates award information and Fortune magazine mentions, they still come across as a long-standing, reliable and honest company. It’s a riskier design strategy for an investment firm, but in this case it definitely pays off.

Spencer Trask & Company

Another site with a tan and burgundy color scheme, this time with bolder images. There’s plenty of negative space here, which makes it easy to navigate and places the emphasis squarely on the content.


Rudder’s blue and white color scheme looks very modern. The navigation in the header is fantastic, and the entire home page is laid out in a way that makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.


The mostly black-and-white color scheme here feels sophisticated and modern, and the green accents only highlight that feeling. The graphics on the site make it obvious they’re trying to appeal to a younger audience, and it works really well.


Websites that deal with consumer financial information need to pay special attention to security and trust, more so even than ecommerce sites. Many consumers are still wary of using the Internet for financial transactions, especially online banking or investment where large sums of money are sometimes dealt with. As a designer, it’s important to convey a sense of stability and honesty when designing financial industry websites. Take cues from the sites above, all of which have done an outstanding job of putting consumers at ease when using their services.

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