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Sweetmag provides a full range of customised website design and development services from a simple web banner design to the full solution of cooperate ecommerce website setup in Malaysia. By understanding our clients’s needs and requires and keeping them continually updated, results in us delivering the best services that integrate your business with a fully functioning website solution that enhances your name and improves customer awareness of your products and services.

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Our Design Methodology:

Sweetmag’s expertise in website development consists of 8 continuous steps to create the most effective solution for your online business.

8 Crucial Steps in Website Design:

  1. Market research
    Information gathering and study of your business type on the current market
  2. Concept & Planning
    Establish the blueprint and goal of your website
  3. Prototype Development
    Establish the look and feel, design the structure and navigation
  4. Development
    Construction of your website from the finalized blueprint
  5. Testing and Quality Assurance
    Conduct rigorous user testing and quality assurance measures
  6. Launch and Setup
    This is the day everyone has been waiting for!
  7. Maintenance and Reviews
    Regular maintenance from our webmasters
  8. Upgrade Planning
    Introduce latest web technology to make sure your website on the top of line We delivers the best looking, most usable, and most hassle-free website you have ever ordered.

Our developer understands the nuts and bolts of website technology and web design, so whether this is your first site, or twentieth, we will make sure you are in good hands.

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