How we work?

Working with us is easy!

At Sweetmag, we carefully choose every project we embark on, ensuring that we can deliver all our client’s requirements. If we can’t achieve our client’s requirements, which is highly unlikely, then we simply don’t accept the job.

Each of our clients presents a unique and interesting challenge. We take the time to learn about their business, asking questions and paying close attention to their answers. After developing a thorough understanding of their business needs and project requirements, we tailor our methodology to fit each project, ensuring that their business doesn’t get squeezed into the mold of another ‘similar’ entity.

We usually break our web design projects in to 4 main stages.

1) Information Gathering Stage

2) Design Stage

3) Development Stage

4) Training and Ready-t0-live Stage

Who we would like to work with?

  • Companies that are smart, driven and growing.
  • Clients who focus on ROI and who demand results.
  • Clients who want solutions that make sense.

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