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Business Card Design and Printing

Business cards can be one of the most important parts of your business, and a professional business card design will make a more memorable impression on potential clients, customers and/or partners. Let Sleepless Media’s professional graphic designers design your business cards, and source a printer that fits your needs.

Postcards and Mailer Design

Postcards still work, it’s that simple. Sending out regular postcards to your customers is a good way to keep your services in their line of sight. We design professional postcards and mailers for all different types of businesses. We can also help source affordable, professional quality printing services.

Brochure Design

With websites replacing print brochures in many cases, a good brochure can still be a viable marketing tool for your business. They’re an invaluable item for trade shows and direct mail marketing. A professional brochure design will showcase your business and services in a portable and slick way. We can also source a local and affordable place to have them printed for you.

Print Advertising Design

Don’t let the local newspaper or weekly design your print ads for you! Trust us on this, it’s not a good idea… unless you really like the “Papyrus” font. We can design an original, professional print advertisement for you that is consistent with your business identity and marketing messages. An ad can make or break you, so it’s not something you want to take lightly. They aren’t cheap to run either, so make sure you get the most out of your advertising budget with a professionally designed advertisement layout.

Menu Design

Are you a restaurant owner looking to have a new menu professionally designed? You may have heard of the font called “Papyrus” – and chances are, if you designed your current menu yourself, you’re using it! And that’s not a good thing! Let us design a professional and clean menu for your restaurant’s tables!

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