ROYCE’ Chocolate Online Store

ROYCE’ Chocolate Online Store

Famed Japanese chocolate and cookie maker ROYCE’ is in Malaysia!

Founded in Sapporo, Hokkaido Island in Northern Japan in 1983, ROYCE’ set out from the beginning to pride itself on the quality of its ingredients and its techniques employed to ensuring its products would be challengers on the world chocolate market. The company sources its ingredients from the surrounding area in Hokkaido, a region renowned for its high quality farming and dairy products.

Distinctive from European chocolates, ROYCE’ products have a lighter, not-so-sweet taste and are a lot softer in their feel. Each Malaysian outlet features the best of the ROYCE’ range with over 40 different items available including the favorite line of Nama chocolates as well as its Potatochip Chocolate range. Delicate Nama Chocolates are available in six varieties, and are the most popular range from ROYCE’.

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