Hydraskins Online Store

Hydraskins Online Store

This is a Magento Web Design project.

We built this eCommerce website using Magento Commerce. Client wanted an e-commerce solution site that sells gadget skins, laptop accessories and gadget customization services.


About Hydraskins

STICKER SPECIALISTS. That’s us. We have 4 years experiences in various types of stickers application on all types of surfaces and usages.
However our primary focus is on gadget skins: laptops, netbooks, handphones, mp3 players, gaming consoles, cameras etc.

What makes us sticker specialists?

  • We have our own manufacturing facility
  • We research and develop our own range of products
  • We have our distribution team that distributes our products to more than 50 shops in Malaysia
  • We also stick cars, walls, lifts, windows through various projects
  • We get our artworks and designs from renowned artists all over the world
  • We are active online: hydraskins.com, twitter, facebook, Linkedin
  • Last but not least, WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR WORK!

Hydraskins | http://www.hydraskins.com | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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