What should I do after i launch my online store? Marketing strategies for your online store

What should I do after i launch my online store? Marketing strategies for your online store

What should I do after i launch my online store? Marketing strategies for your online store

Once you launch an ecommerce website to start up your own online venture, it is more than essential to spread the word out about it effectively. Otherwise, how will your prospective clients know about you? In the long run, it is no less important to promote your online marketplace by announcing new product lines, services, special offerings and events, important business news, etc., since a large group of competitors is always just a few clicks away.

Therefore, running highly-effective marketing and promotion campaigns is imperative for any online business growth. As many prospects you tell about your online store, as much profits you may expect to derive. In my post below, I would like to share some marketing strategies that are proven to deliver amazing results in driving targeted traffic and improving brand awareness.

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Maximize Your Search Engine Visibility

When looking for any particular product online, today’s shoppers invariably use various search engines, and there will ever hardly appear any other more popular and helpful alternative place for search. As for online retailers, search engines may serve as an extremely powerful and effective tool for driving more new customers to their online marketplaces. As you probably know, being in the right place at the right time is essential for any marketing campaign, and search engines can prove this statement in the best way.


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Proper search engine optimization and high positioning will ensure that you always get a decent volume of targeted traffic to your web store. In order to gain top results with your business relevant keywords in various popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., you will need to use professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Today, it is certainly one of the most effective ways to maximize your online conversions and profits.

Therefore, my first must-do advice for your ecommerce venture marketing campaign is SEO. Take your time to choose a skillful and experienced SEO company with first-class services. Moreover, today’s ecommerce development field can offer you online shopping carts with smart SEO add-ons integrated allowing to generate static URLs from dynamic ones, create custom meta and title tags for your products, categories and store pages, make HTML catalog of category pages and manage successfully many other SEO aspects in just a few mouse clicks.

Leverage Social Media

Once you start improving your overall search engine visibility and ranking, you should promote your products or services as well as keep constant communication with your existing and prospective customers through online areas, where they tend to hang out. Yes, you guess it right – I am referring here to various popular social networks.

Indeed, today social media provides significant opportunities to improve your brand awareness and promote products. Leveraging these opportunities may take considerable time and efforts, but marketing results really worth it. First of all, create attractive profiles for your online store on all popular social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Flickr, StumbleUpon and others. If managed rather actively, these profiles will help you generate a lot of web traffic driving more new customers, create great exposure for your online business and improve your overall brand recognition dramatically.

While being a little bit younger than SEO, SMM (social media marketing) has already gained a significant role in the marketing field. There are more and more new trends emerging every single year. One of the hottest SMM trends nowadays are specific applications allowing pretty much more than just social networking integration for ecommerce websites along with buttons for liking, sharing and twitting. Their functionality is dramatically extended and offers your customers a unique opportunity to co-shop with other family members, friends or any other people they know. In such a way, they can easily shop online together in real time with anyone around the Globe, while also discussing products, services, prices, deals, etc. While being a  highly effective ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing option, it also allows to increase your customer satisfaction rates.

Commit to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

One more extremely effective way to generate substantial traffic and spread the word about your online store is PPC that stands for pay-per-click advertising. When used smartly, this technique may contribute significantly to the overall success of your ecommerce venture. In accordance with many reputable researches, PPC is ranked as the second powerful traffic generating tool. That’s why, it is definitely not the option to neglect.

In order to make PPC work for your online venture, I suggest to take your time to follow all the next coming tips: organize properly your Google Adwords campaigns; adjust your match types by choosing either ‘modified broad’ or ‘exact match’ (it’s essential to avoid broad matches); test various sets of ad copy to see what can improve your click-through and conversion rates best; and finally, implement Google Shopping to optimize your data feeds.



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